Cranberry Blogs


Homemade Golden Grahams
By Lauren O’Conner, of Nutri-Savvy Health
Great Taste, high in fiber, super satisfying!

Fennel Apple Cranberry Relish
By Lauren O’Conner, of Nutri-Savvy Health
This tangy sweet cranberry relish is not only a great condiment for the season, it’s acid-minder friendly. That means it’s low in the foods that aggravate reflux, including sugars and citrus.

Cranberries add a Pop to this Vegan Lentil Dish
By Lauren O’Conner, of Nutri-Savvy Health
Whether you want to upgrade your weeknight dishes or add a new side to your Thanksgiving feast, look no further – this vegan dish is bound to be a fan-favorite!

Pumpkin Spice Cranberry Bread
By Lauren O’Connor, NutriSavvy Health
What’s better than pumpkin bread? Pumpkin bread with cranberries, of course! We love Lauren’s latest baked creation!

Ginger-Cran Mocktail with Chia, Basil & Mint
By Lauren O’Connor, of Nutri-Savvy Health
Whoever said mocktails were boring? This jazzed up, herb-infused mocktail will make you forget all about your favorite cocktail!

Cranberry Crumble with Date Almond Cream
By Lauren O’Connor, NutriSavvy Health
Make cranberries the star with this simple and unique seasonal crumble.

Cranberry Agrodulce
By Lauren O’Connor, NutrisavvyHealth
Want a tasty way to use frozen cranberries AND cranberry juice this summer? Make this refreshing take on agrodulce that the whole family will love. You can also find some great photos of the recipe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

Lauren O’Connor, of NutriSavvy Health shared a fun and healthy, “Cranberry-licious Cake Bites” recipe on her blog this morning. She speaks to the versatility of all forms of cranberries, and includes key DGA and health messaging, specifically stating “even though they have added sugars to balance their tartness, they can certainly fit into the Dietary Guidelines.” She shared the post on Facebook and Pinterest.

Lauren O’Connor at Nutri-Savvy shared her take on the Cranberry & Cucumber Potato Salad recipe, mentioning how much she loved the dressing. She also discussed the truth behind added sugar and dried cranberries. She shared the post on her Twitter as well.

Lauren O’Connor, RD, of Nutri-Savvy, included the recipe in a Cinco de Mayo-themed post, also coinciding as a great option for Meatless Monday. In addition, she mentions the information shared by The Cranberry Institute and links to the website. Lauren also posted the recipe on her Facebook and Twitter. The full blog post is attached for your reference.