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Cranberry Guacamole
By Marie Feldman, Nourish You Delicious
Don’t settle for average guac – jazz it up with sweet & tart cranberries for a truly awesome appetizer!

Marie Feldman, of Nourish You Delicious, participated in our Cranberry Bog Blogger Recipe Challenge, creating a “Cranberry Walnut Quinoa and White Bean Salad With Cranberry Sage Vinaigrette” recipe. In her recipe post, she also shared cranberry research, health information and fun facts with her readers.

Marie Feldman, of NourishYouDelicious, featured the March mailer including cranberry facts, tips, research and the Cranberry and Cilantro Quinoa Salad recipe—which she mentions is a great recipe. In addition, Marie emailed us to share that she is really looking forward to continuing as a Cranberry Bog Blogger this year.

Marie Feldman, of Nourish You Delicious, featured the Cranberry & Cucumber Potato Salad along with cranberry research and science, as well as some festive cranberry juice cocktail recipes.    

Dietitian Marie shares nutritious, interesting cranberry facts/ food tips with her readers that she says the Cranberry Institute was kind enough to pass along!

Cranberry Spinach Salad with Avocados

Last month I was excited to have the opportunity to share some cranberry info and a great recipe in a guest post courtesy of The Cranberry Institute. And this month I am also sharing some interesting research news that they have made available to me to share with my readers.

The Many Health Benefits of Cranberries

Recently I was very fortunate to be contacted by the Cranberry Institute with an opportunity to blog on their behalf. They sent me some great tips for incorporating cranberries into the diet and some interesting facts about cranberries and health as well – all of which are listed below. Also included is an awesome Cranberry BBQ Sauce Recipe from them too!!

Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Some Cool Cranberry Facts and Tips From The Cranberry Institute