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Eat Right, Sleep More: How to Improve Your Sleep Part 2


On this episode of the Cranberry Chronicles, we’ll be discussing the influence nutrition has on our brain health, at any age and throughout our lives. Foods such as fish, tea and our favorite – cranberries – have been shown to improve memory, increase attention and prevent risk of dementia. Professor of Nutrition and Behavior at the University of Leeds, Dr. Louise Dye is here to help us learn ways we can improve our cognitive function through food, during Brain Health Awareness Month and beyond.

About the Cranberry Chronicles Podcast

The Cranberry Chronicles is a podcast, sponsored by the Cranberry Institute, where host and registered dietitian Bonnie Taub-Dix sits down with a wide variety of food, health and industry experts to discuss all things cranberries and deliver a fresh, science-backed perspective on health, wellness and nutrition trends to inspire you to live a healthier life.