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From the Fall 2016 issue of Cranberry Health News


Beginning on July 26, 2018, the Nutrition Facts Panel will require a specific call out for “added sugars.” With the announcement of the new label, the FDA encourages consumers to consider all of the information on a food label when making diet choices. They emphasize that if Americans choose a food with sugars added to make them palatable, such as cranberries, they may do so in moderation and cut back on sugar in other ways in the diet.

To better understand how all foods fit, The Cranberry Institute has teamed up with the experts to provide resources that will help dietitians, and consumers, choose the right foods for a healthy diet.

How to Talk to Consumers About Added Sugars

The result of an expert dietetic panel hosted by Today’s Dietitian and the Cranberry Institute, the “How to Talk to Consumers About Added Sugars” statement was developed by dietitians, for dietitians, offering guidance for RDs counseling and speaking to media about added sugar.

Added Sugars…with Added Benefits Handout

Help consumers understand the importance of looking at the complete nutritional value of a product by demonstrating that many foods with added sugars also offer important added benefits.

The Added Sugars Fact Sheet

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation's new fact sheet, "Making Sense of Sugars; The Role of Sugars and Added Sugars in Food," sheds light on the limitations of focusing on "added sugar" and provides recommendations on choosing the right foods based on the new Nutrition Facts Panel.